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Welcome to the Inscale training program!

Welcome to your journey of enhancing sales skills with Phoner2Support!
This page is your one-stop resource for preparing for our upcoming training session with Jannich and Arvin.


Say hello to your trainers below

Jannich Rindom

Jannich Rindom

Assistant instructor

A family man passionate about his sales training, Jannich enjoys running in his free time. Clearly a connoisseur of the finer things in life, he thrives in the countryside and is a devoted instructor in corporate training programs. With his expertise, Jannich shares valuable sales training methods, always with a smile. 😉

Mail: jannich@phoner2support.dk
Telefon: +45 61 78 78 67

Arvin Aliari

Arvin Aliari

Primary instructor

Always ready with a dose of classic Danish humor, Arvin is an IT and communication geek with a master’s degree from the University of Southern Denmark. He’s part of the team that loves the good life. An experienced instructor in corporate training programs, Arvin’s expertise and humorous approach to teaching create fantastic experiences for participants. 😄

Mail: arvin@phoner2support.dk
Telefon: +45 71 72 84 83

Your training toolkit:

  1. Online peptalk: Start with our webinar to set the right mindset.
  2. Mini video guide: Our three-step rocket to a great LinkedIn profile

Essential reading materials:

  1. 7 Tips: Elevate your sales strategy with these key insights.
  2. To-Do model: Organize and prioritize sales tasks for maximum efficiency.
  3. WH-Guide: Master the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of successful sales interactions.
  4. Your checklist: Ensure thorough preparation for every sales encounter.
  5. Avoid the common mistakes in sales


Completion timeline: Coordination with management

We advise coordinating with your leader to determine when you should complete the materials. Our recommendation is to do so as soon as possible and then repeat the process approximately 14 days before our session. This approach allows you to start applying the tools you learn immediately and reinforces them through repetition before the training.


Important: Bring your leads!

For our in-person training days, it’s crucial that you bring a list of 30-40 leads (people you can contact). Whether you use your CRM system or find these contacts through LinkedIn is up to you.

If you need a structured way to organize your leads, feel free to use our ring list template: Download the ring list template.

This template is designed to help you track and manage your contacts efficiently.

🇩🇰 🇩🇰 For the danish-speaking participants

I er heldige, vi har en gave til jer!

I får adgang til vores omfattende 3,5 timers onlinekursus “Telemarketing der skaber salg“. Dette kursus vil grundigt forberede jer til succes.

For at tilmelde jer skal I blot klikke på linket nedenfor og tilføje produktet til jeres kurv. Anvend derefter rabatkoden:


Herefter reduceres prisen til 0 DKK i kruven.

Vi anbefaler stærkt, at I udnytter denne mulighed.

Thank you for two great days of training

Recording our training session


Recording our second training session


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